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Welcome to the new website!

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Welcome to Roto-Clip

We are excited to see you here on our new website. We have totally redesigned the site to highlight our amazing Roto-Clip Trimming and Shaping Discs. We started building these discs over 30 years ago and have refined their design to increase their life and useability. We are convinced that you won't find finer trimming and shaping products around.

Hoof Trimming

If you have a dairyman the trims his own dairy cows or the professional hoof trimmer who prides himself on speed, quality and throughput, we have a disc for you.

Log Shaping

If you are building with logs these discs are a necessity. They allow you to take off just enough material to obtain a perfect fit. If you have an eye for detail but you don't want to spend all day making the perfect joint you have to try Roto-Clip.

Wood Sculpting/Carving

From log bears to totem poles our discs have carved them all. They do it with style and flair. They are extremely easy to use with a short learning curve, great control and almost no effort. So, put down the chainsaw and pick up a Roto-Clip. 

Thank you again friends for visiting out website. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns. We absolutely love these discs and we hope you do too.