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Q. What size are your discs?

A. The Roto-Clip discs are all 4.5 inches and fit on most 4.5 in. or 5 in. angle grinders. Roto-Clip does sell a 4-inch disc, but it is only in the carbide. However, both discs have a non-threaded 7/8” center diameter. Bushings are available to change the center diameter to 5/8" upon request.

Q. Does Roto-Clip sell anything besides trimming and shaping discs?

A. Roto-Clip does sell grinders. Other than that, we just sell the discs and replacement parts for the discs.

Q. How long will the Original Disc last?

A. The Original Disc should trim 10-15 animals before it needs resharpening. It is difficult to approximate blade life when working with wood. One customer said 500 lineal feet on touching up 8" half log siding. On average, the disc can be sharpened 15-20 times. The life of the disc will depend on how it is sharpened and how hard the wood or hooves are.

Q. Can the Sharpening Burr be used to sharpen the carbide inserts?

A. The Sharpening Burr can only sharpen the Original Discs. Sharpening the carbide inserts or blades must be done with a diamond grinding wheel.

Q. Can I sharpen the steel discs with a file?

A. Because the disc is hardened tool steel, using a file would normally ruin the file. Roto-Clip Inc. does sell a sharpening tool, called a burr. The Sharpening Burr was designed to be used in a router. This will give you the correct angle for sharpening and prolong the life of the disc. However, a drill or dremel tool can also be used, though we do not recommend it.

Q. When using the burr, do you sharpen the steel discs from the front or the back?

A. The hub of the disc should be placed on the router table, the cutting edges facing up.

Q. What do I do when my blades get dull?

A. Roto-Clip does sharpen the carbide blades, flat and round, for $2 per blade. There are distributors who offer this service also. Be sure to tape the insert holders shut or double package them. This way, no inserts are lost if the package is opened or torn in transit. Remember, it only takes once.

Q. I need replacement blades, how many can I get?

A. You can order as many as you need. Though we price them in sets of six, you can buy any number.

Q. What is the difference between a round and a flat disc and/or blade?

A. The difference is that a flat disc has rectangular/flat blades that can be used on both sides. The round disc uses a round blade about the size of a quarter that is sharp all the way around. A flat disc takes a different screw than the round disc. The round discs are much more aggressive than the flat discs.

Q. Can I buy a flat disc and use round blades in it?

A. Only flat blades will work in a flat disc and only round blades will workin a round disc.