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Help Me Choose

Choosing a disc can be a bit overwhelming. We have many styles and aggression levels. Let us help you choose.

FIRST - What will the disc be used for? Log Shaping? Wood Carving? Hoof Trimming? Look for these symbols next to each disc. It will help you decide if that disc is right for your application.

log-shaping.fw.png          wood-carving.fw.png          hoof-trimming.fw.png

  • If you are using the disc for hoof trimming you may want to consider a thin disc that has a cutting edge on both sides. This allows for the inside of the hooves to be trimmed with out flipping the grinder over. 
  • Start with a less aggressive disc if you are unsure. See the aggression levels below.

SECOND - Look for one of these symbols which rates your discs from least aggressive(1) to the most aggressive (5). If you are inexperienced we recommend a less aggressive disc. Once you have experience, you can work your way up to more aggressive.

agression-icon-1150.png          agression-icon-2150.png          agression-icon-3150.png          agression-icon-4150.png         agression-icon-5150.png

What makes a disc aggressive?

  1. Number of slots. The less slots the more aggressive the disc. 3 slots(most aggressive), 6 slots(least aggressive).
  2. The shape of the disc. We sell round or flat discs. Flat are least aggressive and Round are more aggressive.
  3. Regular or thin disc. The thickness of a flat disk allows for more or less blade to show. The thinner the disc the more blade that is available to cut which makes the disc more aggressive.